Sun protection film in silver for Indoor installation: high protection against sun and heat, UV radiation and glare effects; good ratio of sun protection and light transmission; suitable for single and double glazing

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  • Window foil - medium silver - interior

    Sun protection film of medium tint for indoor use with good heat and sun protection Colour: medium silver - Type Silver 70 SR Easy to use, high-quality sun protection film with mirror effect for application on smooth single and double glazing

    Product features:

    • guarantees very good heat protection, sun protection, UV protection and glare protection at the same time
    • Spy-mirror effect: basically prevents views on the window side with the greater incidence of light; the other side is transparent but tinted. One can look out unhindered through the lower-light window side.
    • provides a good ratio between very good sun protection and adequate light transmittance
    • Mirror effect enhances the appearance of the building and gives your facade an elegant appearance.
    • self-adhesive and easy to install - no previous knowledge required
    • durable, easy to clean and robust with scratch-resistant surface
    • suitable for single and double glazing without heat protection, gas filling or tinting
    • cannot be mounted partially
    • 10 years warranty for installation on vertical surfaces
Technical data
Solar Transmission 22 %
Solar Reflection 43 %
Solar Absorption 35 %
Light Reflection Inside 44 %
Light Reflection Outside 44 %
Light Transmission 30 %
UV-Transmission 1 %
Total Solar Energy Rejected 68 %
Glare Reduction 68 %
G Value Solar heat coef 0,31
Emissivity 0,7
Micron (µm) 58
Adhesive PS
Clear Single glass yes
Clear Double glass no
Isolierverglasung !
Low E Clear double glass !
Tinted Single glass no
Clear Laminated Single glass yes
Warranty 10 years against discoloration or entachment