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Shatter guard film: effective accident protection at a reasonable price

Rooms, glass doors or partition walls with large window areas and many glass elements appear bright and friendly. However, the danger of injury is enormous when these large glass fronts are damaged. Especially in public buildings such as kindergartens or schools, but also in private areas such as children's rooms, conservstories or carports with glass roofs, a shatter protection for glass surfaces is recommended or even indispensable. The use of expensive compound safety glass is not mandatory. Many glass surfaces can be upgraded with transparent, self-adhesive shatter guard film at much lower cost.


  • affordable
  • almost invisible
  • nearly universal retrofitting possible
  • effective protection
  • useful UV protection
  • scratch-resistant surface

Further advantages

  • guard film can be subsequently attached to almost all glass surfaces - without removing or replacing the window pane
  • Glass elements secured with anti-shatter film do not shatter into single glass splinters; the film keeps the broken pane together.
  • only 1 % of harmful UV rays are transmitted through a shatter guard film - with a 93 % light transmission rate
Shatter guard film for indoor installation: efficient casualty protection due to it binding fragmentation
in stock, ready for shipment in 24-48 h

starting at 2,64 € cut to size
starting at 22,00 € by the metre
Shatter guard film for outdoor use: effectively binds shattered glass
in stock, ready for shipment in 24-48 h

starting at 5,28 € cut to size
starting at 44,00 € by the metre
Shatter guard film for indoor installation: strong security for your windows, effective casualty protection for kindergartens, schools or shop windows
in stock, ready for shipment in 24-48 h

starting at 5,40 € cut to size
starting at 45,00 € by the metre

How do shatter guard films work?

Self-adhesive shatter guard films are transparent, are made of a tough, elastic and age-resistant polyester film that increases the resistance of the glass to pressure, impact, shock, and even heat when exposed to fire.

They prevent the entire window pane from bursting in the event of glass breakage. However, the resulting glass splinters remain bonded by the film. As a result, the risk of injury is considerably reduced. Material damage can also be avoided with anti-shatter films, for example on glass carport roofs.

Shatter guard films allow for internal and external installation. The decisive factor is the glass side that is mainly in need of protection; in kindergartens, it makes sense to attach an outer as well as an inner film, since shocks or a ball can cause the effect from both sides. On shop windows, on the other hand, the installation of a shatterproof film from the outside is usually sufficient.

Films glued on the outside are particularly effective against vandalism caused by scratching or graffiti. Moreover, they reduce the risk of burglary due to the increased expenditure of time for the intruder.

Depending on the accident risk or hazard potential, various thicknesses of shatter guard films from 100 µm (1,000 µm = 1 mm) are used. For larger glass surfaces, a thicker film is usually the preferable choice. If protection against burglary is the priority, we recommend the use of a 300-µm thick safety film (anti-burglary film) .

Frequently asked questions about window films:

What types of shatter protection films are available?

We offer the transparent shatter protection films in thicknesses from 100 µm to 175 µm (1,000 µm = 1 mm), each for external or internal application. If burglary protection is the main concern, the use of a 300 µm thick shatter protection film (burglary protection film) is advisable. Shatter protection films are suitable for almost all glass surfaces.

What is the effectiveness of shatter protection films against injuries?

The self-adhesive shatter protection films consist of a tough-elastic and age-resistant polyester film, which increases the resistance of the glass to pressure, impact, shock and even heat in case of fire. In the event of glass breakage, they prevent the pane from shattering completely by holding the resulting glass splinters together on the film. The risk of injury is thus considerably reduced.

Are shatter protection films installed on window panes from inside or outside?

Splinter protection films are suitable for almost all glass surfaces and are available for both external and internal application. This depends on the place of use and purpose of the film: in kindergartens, for example, it makes sense to bond a shatter protection film both from the outside and the inside, as ball games and the like pose a risk of glass breakage on both sides.

Are shatter protection films tinted?

No, shatter protection films are generally clear and transparent, without tinting, so that they do not affect the appearance and transparency of the glass surface.

Do shatter protection films have other properties?

Apart from reducing the risk of injury, shatter protection films offer useful UV protection - only 1% of harmful UV rays penetrate a shatter protection film - with a high light transmission of 93%. In addition, they have a scratch-resistant surface, which makes them highly durable and robust.