Shatter guard film for outdoor use: effectively binds shattered glass

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  • Shatter guard film - clear 100 - exterior

    High-quality safety film for splinter protection on flat window surfaces and glazing of buildings - high and effective accident prevention Anti-shatter film for outdoor use, Type: Clear 4X HC- 100 µm

    Product features:

    • works as a splinter binding agent in case of glass breakage according to EN 12600 (DIN 52337), reduces the risk of injury in case of glass breakage
    • increases the resistance of the glazing to pressure, shock and impact
    • makes vandalism (scratching, graffiti) and burglary more difficult
    • offers high UV protection (99 %) with simultaneous light transmission (93 %)
    • self-adhesive and easy to install - no special skills required durable, easy to clean and robust with scratch-resistant surface (Hard Coat layer)
    • suitable for all outdoor glass surfaces
    • 3 years guarantee for installation on horizontal surfaces, 5 years guarantee for installation on vertical surfaces
Technical data
Solar Transmission 82 %
Solar Reflection 10 %
Solar Absorption 8 %
Light Reflection Inside 9 %
Light Reflection Outside 9 %
Light Transmission 93 %
UV-Transmission 1 %
Total Solar Energy Rejected 17 %
G Value Solar heat coef 0,83
Emissivity 0,89
Micron (µm) 100
Adhesive PS
Clear Single glass yes
Clear Double glass yes
Isolierverglasung yes
Low E Clear double glass yes
Tinted Single glass yes
Clear Laminated Single glass yes
Warranty 3 years horizontal
5 years vertical