Disassembly instruction

General information:

  • All window films can be removed without leaving any residue. For an error-free result, you should allow enough time for larger window areas.
  • Try to remove the window film in one piece, if possible. Very old or qualitatively inferior films disintegrate and can be removed only very hardly. In this case, you should take care to replace or use high-quality window films in good time.
  • Not the film, but the adhesive residue is usually somewhat more difficult to remove. A pH-neutral adhesive residue remover, which softens the adhesive, is more helpful here than an aggressive solvent.
  • If you have sealed the edges of an outer film with silicone, the silicone must be cut beforehand with a cutter knife between film and rubber edge of the window surface.
  • The glass surface should be sprayed again and again in order to keep it wet and thus facilitate the removal of adhesive residues.

This is what you need:

  • spray bottle
  • pH-neutral adhesive residue remover, alternative: mixture of lukewarm water and washing-up liquid
  • glass cleaner
  • glass scraper (or ceramic field scraper)
  • cutter knife
  • paper towels or a clean, lint-free cloth (cotton cloth)

1. Peel off the film: Carefully loosen the window film at one corner - if necessary, with a cutter knife - and then carefully pull it off the glass surface at a flat angle. The aim is to remove the window film in one piece in order to avoid the time-consuming removal of film residues. Large films should be carefully cut (scratches!) into rectangles with the cutter knife to prevent uncontrolled tearing of the film when removing. Proceed as described above for each individual rectangle.

2. Remove adhesive residues: When the film is completely removed from the glass surface, use the adhesive residue remover to spray on the remaining adhesive on the pane. You may also spray a mixture of lukewarm water and a little commercially available detergent onto the glass surface (for better soaking, you can also place an equally large plastic film on the sprayed surface). After a soak time of about 20-30 minutes push the adhesive residues with the glass scraper to the edge of the pane and wipe carefully.

3. Clean the window: After checking for any adhesive residue, your glass surface can be cleaned as usual using standard household glass cleaner. If necessary, the window can now be covered with new window film.