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Safety film/anti-burglary film

A safety film is a particular kind of shatter guard film. Just like an anti-shatter film, it prevents the shattering of glass panes and thus reduces the risk of personal injury and damage to property.

As so-called anti-burglary films, they are also used to protect buildings against burglary. A destruction of the glued glass surface is still possible, but much more expensive for the damaging party. It is proven to keep burglars away from their actions due to the additional time required.

How do safety films work?

Anti-burglary or safety films are self-adhesive shatter guard films with a thickness as of 300 µm. They consist of a transparent, tough, elastic and age-resistant polyester film which increases the resistance of the glass to pressure, impact, shock and heat when exposed to fire.

In the event of glass breakage, they prevent the pane from bursting completely. However, the film holds the resulting glass splinters together. Unlike shatter guard films, anti-burglary films are able to withstand more violent impacts, such as stone throws or molotov cocktails, and thereby giving more security.

Info: Glass surfaces retrofitted with safety film are more heat resistant than unglued windows.

Most property insurers generally recognize security films mounted in accordance with recognized underwriting standards. They can reduce the amount of property insurance required.

High-quality security film for installation on even windows and building glazings (interior) - effective protection against burglary, theft and vandalism - P2A protective film
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Frequently asked questions about window films:

Are there different types of burglary protection films?

Our burglary protection or security film is a self-adhesive shatter protection film for indoor use with a thickness of 300 µm. Its puncture resistance is certified according to DIN 52337 (EN 12 600) with test class P2A.

How do burglary protection films protect against burglary and glass breakage?

It consists of a transparent, tough-elastic and age-resistant polyester film, which increases the resistance of the glass against pressure, impact, vandalism, attacks (stones, molotov cocktails), burglary and even heat in case of fire. In case of glass breakage they prevent the glass from breaking completely, the resulting glass splinters are held together by the film.

What is the difference between burglary protection films and shatter protection films?

In contrast to shatter protection films, burglary protection films can withstand more violent impacts, for example vandalism, stone throwing or molotov cocktails, and thus offer more security.

Is there a security certification for burglary protection films?

Yes, our burglary protection films (or their puncture resistance) is certified according to DIN 52337 (EN 12 600) with test class P2A.

Do the burglary protection films have to be applied to window panes from the inside or outside?

The anti-burglary films are suitable for all interior glass surfaces; they are highly durable and resistant with a 10-year warranty.