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Sun Protection Film

Sun Protection Film


Sun protection films protect against strong exposure to the sun and filter out harmful UV radiation. The indoor climate is sustainably improved. In offices, on the top floor and in conservatories with large glass fronts, the residential value and feel-good value increases.

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Visual and heat protection combined - tailored to your specifications
Mirror Film

Mirror Film


Mirror films are in principle the darkest versions of sun protection films. Mirror films generally prevent views on the window side with the greater incidence of light; the other side is transparent, but tinted. In addition, you get the best possible heat protection.

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the bestseller - protecting your privacy day and night
Frosted Glass Film



Opaque and translucent at the same time: Milk glass films are the first choice when it comes to providing reliable protection against indiscreet glances in sensitive rooms such as bathrooms, toilets or doctors' practices. Their easy-to-clean and UV-resistant advantages guarantee a long service life.

Existing glass panes can be easily retrofitted to all or part of the surface. This offers the opportunity to use frosted glass film as an excellent design element - simply cut into individual strips or squares. The private sphere is also discreetly maintained without isolating the room.

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Find the most efficient window film for your windows. Order our free product samples and convince yourself of our first-class quality films! Our sample films allow you to compare numerous window films in order to make the perfect choice for you at your leisure.

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High-quality window foils accurate to the millimetre.

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Window film instead of window glass - the reasonable alternative

Overheated rooms? Faded files? Too little privacy? Or just a new design for your glass desk? Our window films and decorative films provide a remedy - fast, uncomplicated and at reasonable prices.

Complex window extensions or even the use of expensive special glass are not necessary. Simply order window films - cut to size or by the metre - clean the glass surface and apply the self-adhesive film.

In a few easy steps, without previous knowledge, without expensive special tools and, if necessary, can be removed without leaving any residue.

Medical practice, conference room, bathroom: versatility with high utility value

The application possibilities of window films are manifold. Whether in medical practices or art galleries, offices or kindergartens, conference rooms or treatment rooms, private bathrooms or public changing rooms: window and decor films are your best choice.

  • if unauthorized persons are to be denied insight or privacy is to be protected
  • if the quality of pictures, displays or furniture is affected by UV rays
  • if (too) high solar radiation causes rooms to overheat and unusable
  • if partition walls are to be designed to be opaque or glass furniture to be optically enhanced
  • if windows, doors or glass elements are to be provided with splinter protection

But not only the applications are manifold, also the range of film types is wide: sun protection films, privacy films, frosted glass films, splinter protection films, burglar protection films or decorative films, in different shades and transparencies, for indoor or outdoor use: You have the choice. You don't know which window film is right for you? We help you to choose the perfect window film for your requirements!

Custom-fit adhesive films, easy installation, long service life.

Whether sun protection, frosted glass or decorative films: our self-adhesive films meet high quality standards: for simple installation with very good results and a long service life without much maintenance. This is because inferior films are usually difficult to install, they cause wrinkles and bubbles and often show cracks or scratches after only a short period of use.

Our window and decor films can be cut to size on request - to the millimetre - or shipped by the metre. Thanks to your specifications and our precise cutting service, you will receive a cutting of your window film that is optimally adapted to your glass surface.

Along with the necessary cutter knife, mounting squeegee and mounting fluid, your chosen film will be delivered directly to your desired address, without additional costs for the installation tools.

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Frequently asked questions about window films:

Which window films are available?

In our shop you will find a variety of films for all your requirements and individual purposes. Whether it is a desired heat protection, privacy protection, glare protection, UV protection or a decorative upgrade - we sell window films in many different degrees of light transmission and colour tones: Sun protection films, privacy films, frosted glass films, shatter protection films, burglary protection films and decorative films for indoor and outdoor use **We are happy to help you choose the best window film for your requirements!

Which window film is suitable for my window?

To avoid cracks or damage to your glass panes, it is crucial to pay attention to the type of glass in question before buying your window film: Sun protection films for interior installation are more durable and usually easier to apply, but can generate thermal stresses up to glass breakage and therefore cannot be used on all types of glass. Generally: for double, thermal, insulating and other special glazing, sun protection films should be used for exterior applications. For polycarbonate surfaces (Plexiglas), choose our special sun protection film for plastic surfaces. Decorative films and most privacy films are designed for use on all types of glass indoors, but we also carry a frosted glass film especially for outdoor use. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the right film!

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor sun protection films?

The composition of the films is identical, but outer films are additionally equipped with a special hard-coat coating, which gives the film resistance to all weather conditions. The advantage of a reflective outer film compared to a reflective inner film is also quite clearly the heat-reducing effect. With an exterior film, the heat radiation is already blocked before the window pane, so that less heat can penetrate into the interior of the room.

Are there privacy films that are also opaque in the dark?

Our frosted glass film provides privacy by day and by night. When the lights are switched on in the evening or at night, people and furniture in the interior can no longer be seen from outside. This makes frosted glass film not only a chic and harmonious decorative element for your glass surfaces, but also an excellent protection of your privacy in sensitive rooms, especially bathrooms.

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