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Window film for acrylic glass

In recent years, high-quality plastic glasses became a real alternative to classic glazing. Polycarbonate sheets (plexiglass) or other synthetic glazing are often used instead of real glass, especially for terrace and balcony roofs, garden shed windows, carport roofs or roller shutters. Their advantages: lower weight, lower risk of breakage and lower price.

Regular window films are unsuitable for equipping polycarbonate surfaces with effective sun protection. PVC glass requires a special solar protection film:

Thanks to its specific adhesive layer, our window film for synthetic surfaces is ideally suited for mounting on materials such as Plexiglas, acrylic glass or Makrolon: it resists the characteristic changes in the surface of synthetic materials (expansion/contraction).

Sun protection films for plastic glazing are bonded from the outside and have a mirror effect which, in addition to sun protection, also provides privacy during the day. Seen from the inside, the films are transparent but tinted.

These films also offer effective heat protection just like regular sun protection films and reduce glare effects, for example on glass roofs of terraces or in conservatories. An effective ultraviolet protection of 99 % is also assured by the application of acrylic films to plastic surfaces → see: Mirror films.

Versatile in use:

Efficient sun and heat protection on your acrylic glazing - be it on industrial doors (rolling doors), Balcony canopies, terrace glazing, winter gardens or canopies in the entrance area of the house.

Window film for plexiglass & polycarbonate surfaces: very high heat protection, sun protection and UV protection for carport roofs, PVC roofing or PVC partitions; offers privacy during the day
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Frequently asked questions about window films:

Which special films are available?

Regular window films are not suitable for providing effective sun protection for polycarbonate surfaces. Plastic glass requires a sun protection film that is specially suited for this purpose - film for Plexiglas.

What is the difference between film for plastic surfaces and normal sun protection films?

Our film for plastic surfaces has a special adhesive layer which withstands the typical surface changes of plastic (expansion/contraction). It is therefore ideally suited for mounting on plastics such as Plexiglas, acrylic glass or Makrolon.

What properties does the film for plastic surfaces offer?

Sun protection films for plastic glazing are applied from the outside and have - similar to the regular sun protection films - a reflective effect, which apart from sun protection also provides visual protection during the day. The films are transparent from the inside, but tinted. In addition, just like regular sun protection films, these films offer effective heat protection and reduce glare, for example in glass roofing for terraces or in conservatories. In addition, the film for Plexiglas also offers effective 99% UV protection.

Can I use the film for plastic surfaces on my carport roof?

Our film for plexiglass is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to polycarbonate sheet or plastic glass: especially for retrofitting carport roofs, but also for rolling gates, patio and balcony roofing or shed windows.

Which side of the window is the film for plastic surfaces applied to?

In order to avoid thermal tensions which can lead to glass breakage, it is essential that the film for plastic surfaces is applied to your plastic glass pane from the outside. This also provides a high level of heat and sun protection.