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Static window film

Our static window films offer you the same advantages as self-adhesive window films, but with a significant additional value: they can be quickly and easily removed and reinstalled at any time. In other words, they can be used several times!

This makes static window film ideal for short-term or seasonal projects or various modifications to your glass surfaces.

We offer static window films in the following variants: reflective sun protection film and frosted glass film. The mode of action and application possibilities are identical to those of the self-adhesive window film types:

Protect yourself against considerable sunlight exposure, anti-glare or mirror effects on screens and enhance concentration during screen activities in offices. Static mirror films, like self-adhesive window films with mirror effect, protect your living and working rooms, practices or studios from excessive heat and protect your furniture, carpets, displays and files from the damaging effects of the sun.

A static frosted glass film also provides protection from prying eyes during the day and at night: even when the interior is illuminated, people and furniture can no longer be seen from the outside in the dark. Decorative and harmonious elements for your glass surfaces or excellent privacy protection in sensitive rooms, especially bathrooms - these matte white films can be used in many different ways.

Your advantages:

  • easy to assemble without adhesive
  • removable and repositionable at any time
  • reusable
  • cost-effective and time-saving
  • robust and hard-wearing
  • guaranteed privacy and glare protection
Self-adhesive sun protection film for indoor installation; very good visual cover during the day to protect your privacy; offers high heat and sun protection; residue-free removal and reassembly at any time
in stock, ready for shipment in 24-48 h

starting at 5,04 € cut to size
starting at 42,00 € by the metre
Self-adhesive sight obscuring film for indoor installation; reliable day and night privacy for offices, practices and bathrooms; optimal glare protection and light transmission; residue-free removal and reassembly at any time
in stock, ready for shipment in 24-48 h

starting at 5,04 € cut to size
starting at 42,00 € by the metre

How do static window films work?

Static films are characterized in particular by their static adhesiveness: electrostatic charges inside the film provide the basis for a stable bond between the film and the glass surface. These so-called adhesion forces (from Latin adhaerere - "adhere") are so strong that you do not need any additional adhesive for the installation on smooth glass surfaces.

The assembly of window films is similar to the assembly of self-adhesive window films using a mixture of assembly liquid and water.