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UV protection films: Anti-fading protection for shop windows and showrooms

From elegant clothes in the shop window to chic cars under a glass carport roof, intense sunlight can quickly lead to irreversible damage to goods, clothing or vehicles. Especially in the case of elaborate displays or expensive exhibits, for example in antique shops, boutiques or studios, this also means a considerable loss of value and corresponding economic losses. Clothing changed in colour, for example, can often no longer be sold, or only at a considerable discount; cars have to be repainted because the paint has become pale.

Your optimal solution: Transparent UV protective films for 99% protection against UV radiation


  • nearly 100% UV protection with high light transmittance
  • slows down the bleaching process of your high-quality goods and equipment
  • insensitive to scratches, colour-true
  • splinter-binding
  • simple and affordable installation
  • suitable for all types of glass

UV protection films are available in either clear or very slightly tinted versions.

As a result, they provide a high degree of transparency and do not impair the external appearance of the glass pane. These interior films are durable and keep your window displays from fading prematurely due to the effects of UV rays by a multiple.

UV protection film colorless for indoor installation: clear view and unadulterated colors; provides 99% UV protection without darkening effect
in stock, ready for shipment in 24-48 h

starting at 2,15 € cut to size
starting at 17,90 € by the metre
Blue-ish tinted UV protective film for outdoor use: high-quality and effective protection against UV radiation with additional sun protection; for windows, balconies and glass elements
in stock, ready for shipment in 24-48 h

starting at 7,80 € cut to size
starting at 65,00 € by the metre