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Application set

Application liquid 30ml

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For a bubble- and wrinkle-free installation, a professional wet application is necessary. The correct mixing ratio of water and application fluid is paramount to an easy installation. We recommend a mixing ratio of 30 mL of application fluid to 3 L of water for an application surface of 20 m². Mix the application fluid and water in a standard spray bottle; this will then allow a large-scale application of the mixture.

With our mixing ratio of 30 mL of application fluid to 3 L of water, you will have the perfect compromise between drying time and ease of installation!

Important: Dish detergent must not be used as mounting fluid in the window film installation. There is a chemical reaction between the foil adhesives and dish detergent which creates a haze. As an alternative to our mounting fluid, a neutral detergent may be used. It is imperative that it be PH neutral and also that our mixing ratio be maintained! Our mounting fluid is sufficient for sticking a total of 20 m² of window film.

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